Finally finding someone

Whom you get to know so well,

And become so close to,

That you are tempted to call them your best friend,

Perhaps even your soul sister.

Someone whose next move you can predict,

whose next thought and feeling you can foresee

Almost as if they were the fruits of your own heart.

Someone whose life reflects yours to the most minute detail,

someone whose face and look tell the tale of a spirit

So free and untameable as yours has always been and will always be.

Someone whom you see every day in a rendezvous

that becomes one of your shining lights and star,.

A moment to hope for and to hold on to so dearly

when life is a stormy black cloud that throws your boat against the rocks.

The friend, oh such close friend

that is always there for you and is all you want and all you wish to be

And suddenly you remember

that it’s only a character in a book

and will never be more real

Than the shreds of the most blissful dream

that escape your grip when you reluctantly wake up.


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  1. “life is dream
    And dreams, dreams are. “

    Me gusta


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