Life goes on, it does go on.

And yes, God bless the little boys sitting on the edge of the field,

their feet still dangling, their mouths still smiling

openly, with nothing to hide back.

They make me forget the years, the tears.

They make me remember me, when I was I.

They don’t know that they will one day be who I am now, when I am again far from here, from this other self.

They, too, will forget,

they, too, will smile less, when their feet touch the ground,

they, too, will overlook the little children of the wide smiles, with only a day to live but as long as a millennium.

Where will they be then? Where will we all be?

Where are we doomed to be, us, the people of no tears, the people with too little time for sadness,

the indecent ones who would rather have a frown than a tear?

Who will forgive us? Who will claim us as His creatures?


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