“The Room” (21-I-2012)

The Room is one of the most important films of our era, and if you have been alive in these times, I think you might find it an engrossing watch. Every cultural and social, and even psychological and emotional expression that is typical of today’s Western civilization’s members can be subsumed in and allegorized by The Room.

What is more crudely descriptive of most of today’s apparent friendships than Johnny and Mark’s “You’re my best friend” kind of relationship whereby the claim of bestfriendship is much more important than the actions that silently go under that label -undermining the very essence of it?

"Maybe I already have a girl... and it's *your* girl!"

What can be more in-your-face real than Johnny’s and Lisa’s ill-fated love story, with the passional fireworks occupying about 5% of it, and indifference, boredom, lack of understanding or even hate making up for the rest?

This is where 99.99% of Hollywood movies end. Doesn't mean the story is over.

What could be a better mirror reflection of the person obsessed by appareance and physical perfection than the super-musculated, seemingly around-the-clock airbrushed and not-completely-real-but-hey-he’s-real looks of Johnny? Is there any better expression of our painfully superficial caring for ourselves and for others than the “I definitely have breast cancer” “Oh mom that’s a shame, would you like more coffee?” dialogue?

Oh, this coffee is so good! Oh, yeah, and I have breast cancer.

Is real life casual sex the epitome of physical pleasure and carefree, enjoyable young-and-urban lifestyle, the way most movies depict it, or is it rather the prelude to the ridiculous “I lost me underwears” monologue in this movie?

Draw your own conclusions. I will just say this, and I’m very aware of my tone and choice of words: Everything that is typical of the time we’re living is in The Room. Everything *is* The Room. It is not a movie -it is the ultimate cultural experience of our times.


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