Our feet in the warm sand, your face a question mark.

But one day, a rendezvous… right here, and right now… the moment lasts forever.

And in the meantime, I stand here… alone, but not lonely. Looking around, enraptured in this very instant. Where and when things are turning into something new. Each of them holds a promise written in a secret language.

I have nothing to hide anymore. I have freed myself. I am my little bird and my cage. I leave them behind.

There is a beach waiting for me, for us. There is another moment waiting for us, sometime, someplace. Something new, something old, something blue, and above all, something all ours, just opened, just started.

Because we all know that nothing can be sustained on thin air. Nothing can last unless we discover its true foundation first.

Found a brand new land, only for us, only for me, only for you.


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